Rabbi Yehuda Elharar













* Rabbi with over 30 years in the Rabbinate.

* Broad ranging experience with Kashruth, Shechitah, hanhagat kahal, outreach and kiruv.

* Rabbi or Assistant Rabbi at Synagogues in the following cities:

  Sao Paolo, Brazil, Tiberius, Israel, Panama, the Caribbean and Chicago, USA.

* Kashruth consultant to the Orthodox Union (OU) in New York and Philadelphia with focus on

  compliance in fortune 500 food companies.

Credencials and Certifications:

* Certified by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to be a rabbi of a city or community (Moetzet Harabnut Harasheet Le-Yisrael).

*  Certified and tested by several gedolai yisrael including Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, A"H, 

  Rabbi Moshe Malka, Rabbi Shlomo Goren, Rabbi Nissim David Ezran, Rabbi Ephraim              Yolles, Rabbi Yizhak Hazan, Hagaon Rav Israel Julti Z"L, Hagaon Rav Shalom Messas Chief    Rabbi of Jerusalem.

* Official Assistant Rabbi to Chief Rabbi of Panama Community, Rabbi Zion Levy for over 10       years.

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